The Farm (The Past)

This is where the animals live. 
There are about 18 acres of farm plus about 5 of garden.

For the first 5 years we keep steers,  which we fattened up then sold. I found this very difficult as I got very attached to them and hated saying goodbye. so now we have alpacas!

I love this bit of the farm.

We have a very old donkey, Rachel. Who is 46 now and lives happily with the alpacas. 

 My parents gave the first of our alpacas to Lloyd for his birthday.
 They are absolutely adorable.

Over time we've added to our herd and now have 9. We've had happy and sad times with them. Thankfully, they are such lovely things to have around the place that the happy times far outweigh the sad ones.

And finally, but by no means least - I spend the most time with these wee girls cos I love them so much - my chooks. Every chook has a name and every chook will live here for ever.
I've got a mix of New Hampshire Reds, Minorcas, Light Sussex, one silver Campine, Araucanas, and Wyandottes that were born yesterday. Here's some of them.

 I love it when one goes broody, it means I can get fertile eggs and have baby ones! An Araucana.

and a silver or gold laced Wyandotte.

Some of the daily spoils from the girls. We eat a lot of eggs, give them away to friends and neighbours and trade them for avocados!


  1. What a beautiful place you have! I so want to get Highland Cattle, except I want the miniature kind!

    I am jealous of your apples. I planted some apple trees last year so I have a long wait.

  2. Laura, I am IN LOVE with the Highland cows--they are so cool. I bet they were in heaven with your lush, full grass. All of the critters are beautiful...the ducks, donkeys and chooks. Of course I am in love with all of them. The baby chicks are precious--don’t you just love it. I have a silkie hen sitting on eggs--I am so hopeful to have cute silkies soon :)
    Thanks for linking up to FFF-I am so glad you enjoy it because I always look forward to your posts!!

  3. What a wonderful life for your animals....and you!

  4. I just LOVE meeting all your animals. Those highland cows are the fuzziest things I've ever seen! Your pictures are just amazing.

  5. Thanks for the introduction! Looks great!

    But i don't know how to follow you!? I found you true Verde Farms but i don't see a follow you button...


  6. Of course I would love this post being a Highland breeder,Love your pictures!!

  7. Oh my gosh what wonderful photos! They just kept on coming. You are quite the photographer and have beautiful subjects!!

  8. Hello Laura!
    What a beautiful farm you have and I LOVE the Highland cattle. When I was a little girl living in the country in New Westminster British Columbia MANY years ago the doctor next door had a herd. The were so interesting to watch. I love all your critters too...just wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Maura :)

  9. Beautiful Animals. What a wonderful life :)

  10. I love Highland Cattle! The pictures are beautiful as is your farm!

  11. Anonymous2:26 am

    There is a miniature breed of Highlands? They would go prefect with my Newfoundland dogs. I love shaggy.
    Thank you for this wonderful look around your place.

    I did not get to post this week. I have been manure manuvering. Not fun pictures to share.

  12. What a beautiful place! And beautiful animals of all kinds! :)

  13. I just love the hairdos on the Highlands! So, "au naturalle"!...:)JP

  14. Gorgeous animals and Ilove your chooks, so similar to mine.

    We lost our New Hampshire Red cockerel a couple of weeks ago and the farm is a quiet and different place without him! :-(

    Sue xx

  15. I love your animals (and your photos.) The alpacas are the best but the highland cattle are amazing! I dream of having a farm like yours.

  16. Love the pictures :) Alpacas..must have been how you found my blog!
    I saw the pics of your dogs...adorable...I am a mad dog lover,,,,
    wow u went to NZ only knowing it was pretty..shouldve come to Tasmania!

  17. Anonymous8:58 am

    Good morning from the foggy Mystery cr We keep manco in a paddock on his own ,because he is older. He is a nice boy and if you are going too mate with him he knows when the halter comes out it is time too visit his girls but we have lots of lovely girls I don't know any thing about these pages you people have so can't show you any thing Sorry we forgot too do Manco fibre test he fines things up . What is TBH . .THanks Rosanna

  18. how adorable... the alpacas are sooo fluffy, i just want to hug them! haha
    xx, Evey C.

    1. they are so fluffy, but unfortunately they're not super cuddly - they let us hand feed them though

  19. I have Silver Appleyards too!! Best ducks I have EVER had!! They are like dogs, not ducks. They keep me laughing. They are not fond of the snow..... and we got 18 inches coming tomorrow. I haven't told them yet.
    Come visit your Vermot Appleyard cousins at:

  20. oooooh I love these photos , you have such a beautiful place with gorgeous animals and gardens

  21. Hi Laura. I love your blog - and your farm and your dogs and your hens and your garden and your house and - well everything really! Thanks for a wonderful peek into your little paradise. I will be back I am sure. Best wishes, Wendy (Canterbury)


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