Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday 19th July

Settling in back home. Washing machine running constantly and the fridge is restocked. House is dysoned to death and the cat hair problem is under control once again.
We are on hot coals waiting to hear if we have a buyer for the house, and feel like we are treading water until we can get back to NZ. A couple have noted an interest and were speaking to their lawyer yesterday. Our estate agent is hopeful they will offer sometime this week. We are trying hard not to get too excited as you never know with these things.

Had a look at flying back business class as the journey home was just the pits. The first prices we found were about £4500 per person! No way! But Lloyd managed to find some today that were about £3400 for both of us……looking good.
The jetlag is hitting in with a vengeance. I have been up since 4am this morning – Lloyd was trying hard to sleep. He is back to work today and is actually looking forward to it. We are also hoping that there will be a fax from the real estate agent in Kerikeri regarding our offer – we know its too low – the owner told us – but we can reach a happy medium – I am sure.
My mum and dad are coming down this weekend and bringing Bob home – so very excited about that.

Later…..Lloyd faxed back the agent in Kerikeri with our new offer – we reckon this one still wont do it – but if we go a wee bit higher that may get it. Just need to wait to see.

Monday 25th July
A lovely weekend – mum and dad brought Bob home!! We had missed him so much it was unbelievable!!! It’s great to have him home.

We had a family dinner on Friday night and on Saturday we went to Room for cocktails – Room is our favourite place to go out to at night – and bonus! It’s walking distance home.

The renewed offer for the house in Kerikeri went in today so we will wait to see what happens. Also our estate agent called – the noted interest people are still abroad – big relief really – so maybe next week????? Had another viewer who wants to buy the flat but cant do anything regarding finance till September so at least that’s another option. We are looking into ideas for moving out in September even if the flat isn’t sold. Who knows! Still all up in the air!

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