Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Pip

My sewing House went up today!
We haven't really thought of a name for it -Lloyd suggested Orchard House, but I just keep calling it my 'sewing shed' and I really don't want to do that!!!! Anyway, Matt arrived at 8am and set to work evening up the base, after that was done the three of us got to work, well Lloyd and Matt did - I was a bit of a spare part really, I did some holding up of things, but did come into my own in the glazing front!

It was hard work, but Matt knew exactly what he was doing so just kept us right. I'm really chuffed with it. Tomorrow we're going out on the boat cos the forecast is really good, but on Monday I'll get painting, then get my stuff in on Tuesday maybe!

Bob, helping
 I'm really amazed that we got it all done in a day, the pieces fitted together not brilliantly, but ok. More than half of the 'glass' panels didn't fit cos the french doors were made a bit slap dash so we had to cut them which was a slight pain ( well it was a big pain really) but they're done and it's finished!

next day!
I painted the outside today. Inside tomorrow.

Wednesday now!


  1. oh my gosh gosh gosh gosh gosh! I've only just now seen this and happy isn't the word!!! isn't it perfect??! love love love it (and love saying things thrice, apparently, too! hehehe).

    This is where i shall think of you from now on....



    ps can I have a lampwork bead? xx

  2. I love your shed!!!My partner has just bought me one for sewing and I can't wait to fill it! Can I ask what the dimensions are of yours?


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