Sunday, July 27, 2008

We made it!
Last night was absolutely horrible though. At about midnight the wind got up again, the eye had passed. All night we were buffeted by gales ( 175km/h) lucky Lloyd slept through it, my imagination didn't let me, I kept thinking of all the terrible things that could happen and had to keep looking out the window ( what I was expecting to see in the pitch dark I have no idea!) Eventually with daylight I looked out and everything seemed fine. At 7am the wind dropped and I fell asleep.

At 11 we went for a walk around and miraculously there has been no more damage, other than the tree from yesterday, we have one tree that has blown squint, and my sweetpea trellis - that's it! So, so lucky. Lloyd reckons it's because the weather has been so terrible up here and we've had some really high winds over the last year, everything that could blow down or was weak is already down.
All the animals are fine, the chickens have been given their freedom for the day and the donks are wet and muddy but happy to see us! In fact we're all a bit wet and muddy, have been for weeks now, so nothing new there!
Coos good too.

It's still raining, but I don't care! The wind has gone whooo hooo!

Better get ready for the next one - supposedly there's another one coming in by the end of the week. Maybe it'll blow off course!

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