Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dog Day

Sun is shining for once. We've just had the best laugh down at the stream with the dogs. I've seen Tallulah at the beach, but not down at the stream before. She is mad as a hatter! She just launches herself into the water, she swims with her head and feet right out, splashing all over the place, it's hysterical. I've not seen Bob and Brodie have such fun in ages. It was brilliant.

can you see Bob's head!

she's like a little otter ( well a gangly one!)

Some more photos of the three of them - just cos they're cute!

And sad dogs! It was so wet, we shut them out for five seconds

26th August
It was a bit wetter and muddier but they still had a lovely time. I think the stream is Tallulah's favourite place to be in the whole world.

my stick is bigger than yours!

As I mentioned before, Lloyd bought me a brilliant new camera, this morning I was pretending to be a photographer! Lots more photos of the dogs!

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  1. wahoo... what a team! and oh boy that looks like so much fun... the closest to water i've ever been (apart from the bath tub) is being thrown into a stupid human pool...what were they thinking... woof!


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