Saturday, August 09, 2008

We have a new addition to the family. I've always loved the idea of a chocolate girl labradoodle, so for the last couple of months we've been keeping our eyes open for an older one that needs a rescue home, and today we found one. She's 7 months old, called Tallulah! After a few emails and telephone calls we went down to Auckland to see her, of course you don't just go to 'see' a dog!
So she came home with us.
Bob and Brodie were so welcoming, the cats less so, however she seems obsessed with Pixie who is totally unfazed.

it's very difficult to photograph three dogs!

all settled in with her new dad! No she's definitely not on the sofa. Nope.
(I had the other 2 in bed so no body was left out!!)

Day 2
brilliant day, she is just so good. Our boys are playing with her really well, running about all over the place and sharing bones. We took her to the vet today just to make sure she was all fine and she is, she behaved so well. She's got her new pink girly collar and a nice new bowl, she's totally spoiled already. Last night she did cry for ages, it was 1.30 am and she was still winging so Lloyd let her on the bed and I put in some ear plugs! She flaked out and we didn't hear a peep out of her till 7.30 so that was good. She definitely needs out more often that the older 2 so we need to get her into a routine - no more long lies for now!

Day three
feels like she's been here forever - joy.
She went to bed last night and slept on her own bed next to the others, and didn't wake up until 7am, success!
more playing photos - I think Brodie may have her head in his mouth!

sort of coming when called

Happy Family

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