Monday, March 16, 2009

Autumn Garden and other stuff.

I cleared a lot of the veggie garden this week and got it planted out again with winter stuff. Onions, parsnips, spinach, beetroot for Lloyd and some more peapods for me. All of these should grow well up here even in winter, but it's a bit of an experiment as I've never been organised enough to pant anything at this time of year before.
I've also collected seeds from things, like the tomatoes and chillis so I can grow everything from seed next spring and be really organised - well that's the plan.

I harvested the pumpkins and butternut squash today and they're curing in the sun for the next few days then they'll be stored in the woolshed over winter till we want to eat them!

the last of the aubergines, which were great this year

last of the chillis

I know this looks like not a lot but there are seeds in there, honest!

this is the bed at the front of the house - its grown loads and I added a couple of hibiscus to the gardenias and camillias.

We've also had Matt the Builder here sorting out the back porch/dumping ground. This room was the bane of my life.
Well it's beginning to look great! No pics yet cos I want it to be a surprise, but it's going to be a sort of larder extension to the kitchen.

Oh and the BIG NEWS, I got a new car! A pale blue beetle which we're picking up from Auckland this Friday. We were going down anyway for a course Lloyd's doing, we've got 2 nights at the Quadrant. Richard and Ness are going down to see The Who so we're going to get together for dinner.

and here she is at home nesting in the garage!

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