Monday, May 25, 2009

Questions you never asked in Glasgow

What should I do on Saturday, go surfing or to the chicken show?

Chicken show won!

So off I went to Whanagrei. I arrived about 10 minutes before the show opened and there was a huge queue waiting to get in! Who knew chickens were so popular?

It was held in a huge hall and it was just packed with chickens of all shapes and sizes. Most were just for display and had been judged on their brilliance in the morning, but there were some for sale too. I was a little disappointed as almost all were roosters, but I shouldn't have been surprised as people keep their hens to lay and breed from. I had been hoping to get a couple of pretty chooks but it was not to be.

If someone told me a year ago I would be off to a chicken show I'd have laughed!

Here's a few of my favourites - some of them are really quite alien looking!

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  1. You gotta love em!!! Love your blog its really cool and your chickens are so sweet!! Must admit to being a little bit envious.


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