Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring....

So some pretty flowers to cheer me up! I have been getting really into macro photography, so much so I thought about splashing out on a macro lens until I saw the price of them!
I have a lovely friend down in Auckland who is going to send me up some of his 'toys' to try out when he's got a minute, so that's exciting! ( thanks Ash)

Got the tube things - jeez it's difficult! I couldn't even focus the things!! These photos are NOTHING like they were supposed to be but I actually quite like them

There is a HUGE low pressure coming into New Zealand just now - supposedly it's gigantic. I think it pretty much means it's going to rain ......a lot. But it's much warmer again which is good as it means our garlic has grown about an inch in the last day!

Lloyd and I were supposed to be going to watch 'The Birdman of Rangitane" this morning. People get dressed up and jump off the pier - should have been funny, but the rain rained it off. It's been rescheduled for a months time when the tides are right again, so hopefully it will go ahead.

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