Monday, July 13, 2009

Pork Belly Recipe

Lloyd and I both love pork belly, so he ordered a large bit from Freedom Farms ( ethically farmed piggies, all free range etc) and yesterday he cooked it for the first time.
He found a few recipes and mixed and matched to make our own one.

First start with the pork belly and score the skin with a sharp knife

then chop 3 onions and place them on the bottom of a 'clean' baking dish

smear the pork with fat, in this case, duck fat...

then season well, we used crazy mixed up salt

place pork in baking dish on top of the onions

surround the onions with water keeping it off the pork (we added some apple syrup for extra flavour)

put in oven at 160 degrees c for a fan oven ( 180 for normal oven) for at least 4 hours being careful to check it every 45 mins and replace water if it's drying out.


Once the pork has become very soft remove from the oven and check the crackling for crispyness.

If the skin is not crispy carefully cut it off the meat - it should come off easily if the pork is cooked enough.

Place crackling back in oven at the highest heat and cook to make all crispy. Should only take ten minutes. Then put the crackling back on the meat and this!

with mash, peas and beans....delish!


  1. that just looks fantastic! all the better with a new tv! (what model did you get?)

  2. it's a panasonic viera 1080 full hd bla bla!! ( lloyd just dictated this to me as I just think its smart and black with an amazing picture!)
    We should have a pork belly when you're up ( if you both like it - and as L says even vegetarians should like it!)


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