Friday, September 04, 2009

A Doggie Birthday Party
Forest, Wilson and Bob almost share a birthday ( except that Bob is a year older)
Kate and Richard were throwing a party for Forest and Wilson so Bob got to be hanger on! It was great, they all opened wee presents and seemed to generally have a ball. Bob is infatuated by Wilson, she has the honoured position of being Bob's girlfriend. Sadly for Bob, he's definitely more into it than her.
Danny and Paula had made a huge dog cake. Bob has never eaten so much in his life!
Then all the humans had a lovely meal too.
I made some dog biscuits as presents.

Forest and Wilsons cake

They didn't quite get the hang of opening presents and Bob, at least needed a little help!
Wilson managed pretty well on her own!

The cake comes out
and is eaten in a second
and this I couldn't resist as it is the most stupid photo I have ever seen of Bob, Brodie and Lulah!


  1. woof hoo and i bet there will be a round of runny poos today he he...

  2. Amazingly, Bob's was fine this morning, very tired though - wee party animal!

  3. Awww, this is so cool!


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