Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ladybird's first outing of the Season
We went out with Nick and Sara and fished for about three hours. But first we had breakfast of egg and bacon rolls.
We started off at Black Rocks but got nothing so moved to near Whale Bay. The fish finders were saying there were loads of fish but could we catch something for dinner? Nope!
N&S caught a couple of Kingfish but they were too small, Sara caught a whole lot of snapper but they were all babies, so everything got put back.

Lloyd got a Gurnard - prettiest fish ever - it was legal size, but was pretty small and we didn't want to kill it anyway, it was too beautiful so back it went.
Ages later I caught a trigger fish - we didn't know these were good eating so we put it back too.

First weekend of spring and Nick has his top off! It was hot - the weather!

the kingfish
and back it goes!

So fillet steak for tea then!

It really doesn't matter at all, it was a stunning day!


  1. OK - I want to know who was walking on water to take the photos! Looks like you had a heavenly day anyway. (Bovey Belle from Down to Earth forum)

  2. heehee we were in 2 boats! The blue one is our friends one and we were in ours. It was truly lovely xx

  3. Hi !I found you from the down to earth forum.I am looking forward to checking back and seeing what is happening in Northland.


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