Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mixter maxter
Some garden stuff, some foody stuff and and last but definitely not least some animal stuff.

First the garden

This is the bed that I cleared all the jasmine from and we've filled the gaps with a gardenia 'tree' some native that I forget the name of but it has flowers that attract tuis and a dwarf frangipani.

We also went into the paddock and dug up some of the globe arichokes and planted them round the edges of the avocado 'orchard' which has no avocados in it yet! I think 4 out of the 5 have definitely taken and fingers crossed for the last one.
Some nice early agrias are coming up - these are by far our favourite potato.
Next the food

We had homemade yorkshire puddings last night - I even made the batter ( lloyd cooked the whole meal so I can hardly boast about making some batter!) but they were amazing!
2 eggs and one egg yolk
275g flour
150 ml milk
150ml water

whisk up until consistency of single cream

cook for about 20 mins in a hot oven ( put some oil into the baking tin)

Tonight we had a meringue thing made with the egg white left from last night and some others from various other things.Heat oven to 180
this is 5 egg whites
250g sugar

beat egg whites till stiff and then add sugar gradually till glossy.
I divided the mixture into 2 and spooned out onto 2 baking sheets to make 2 circles.

As soon as you put them into the oven turn it down to 150
cook for an hour ( they were pretty thin ones)
turn off oven and just leave till the oven goes cold.

Then whisk some cream and make a sandwich, I used passion fruit as well. Now honestly we didn't eat all of this and there is still a lot left!

Now the animal part..
Wee Pixie isn't doing so well so if you have a sec spare a thought for her.
As most of you know she's very, very old, in fact 24 now. She's been diabetic for the last 2 years and over the last few months has had 2 small strokes. She had a third one a couple of nights ago and is now very confused and shaky. She's sleeping a lot and has been to the vet. She could just come right again, of course, but at her age we know she can't go on for ever, however much we'd like her to. So please send her virtual cuddles.


  1. aw pixie hang in there wee lass... mind you, with all those cooking smells going on in your home how on earth could you think it's time to move on! when it is time we know bodie is there for you XXX

  2. Anonymous11:11 pm

    My wee baby.... give her lots of kisses



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