Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some seedlings
The broad beans and peas had got so big I planted them out in the garden a couple of days ago. What that made me realise is that I have not planted nearly enough of everything, in fact nowhere near! Next year I'll have to about quadruple it.

The borrage is back, I love the flowers and the amount of bees it attracts to the garden. I use the flowers to put on fairy cakes!

Also finally some chillis have germinated! Just a couple of hungarian ones and a cherry one, but that's better than nothing.the rest are...



some of the many heritage tomatoes I planted which all seem to be coming along nicely

A butternut squash - the only one that germinated.
and some...
Agrias chit chitting away!

I'm off to the garden centre today to get some sweetcorn as ours didnt do anything, and some bok coy and greens like that.

I'm just in now to nurse my finger - got stung by a blooming wasp as I was pulling out the old broad beans, that'll teach me not to wear gloves!


  1. It's so nice to see life starting in one part of the world while it's slowing down here.

  2. Looking good! I just planted some toms and cucumbers in boxes....not quite your 5 acre garden but it should yield us a bit.

  3. We are puting our gardens to bed for winter & I will miss them. Nice to know we can "garden thru others" until spring. Looking good too!

  4. What an adorable home you live in...seedlings look great too..i scrolled down and witnessed the doggie b/day the doggie on the left a Lagotto..they look so huggable..:)

  5. Hi Debra, thank you!We love it.
    All the dogs are labradoodles ( I say that very quietly as it is THE most stupid name for a very good dog!(My husband thinks they should be called Treacle Hounds or something equally sensible.)
    They all look different as they're first generation ones, just a straight poodle labrador cross. The one on the left is Brodie and he's like a giant teddy bear!

  6. Good one. I'm still waiting for my toms, chilli and eggplant seeds to germinate but the broccoli, squash and basil are all coming up.
    Thinking about getting a small greenhouse to help out.

  7. I'm growing peas for the first time, how close together should I put them in the ground?

  8. Tammy I do ours about 6cm apart. If you're doing them in rows leave about 80cm between rows so as you can walk down them. I don't plant enough to do that so I plant them round a frame and let them grow up it.


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