Sunday, October 04, 2009

It's Raining...a lot!

So I just wandered round the garden getting the camera wet! It's actually more to have a record of what everything looked like when I planted it so I can compare it to later pics ( or even when I get home from my trip to Scotland next week! Next week is when I leave! Not back till the end of October)
I suppose all this rain keeps everything green, but it's been pretty steady for a few days now and quite frankly I'd like to see the sun! Not least cos Ness and I need to paint the outside of the new dental surgery and we can't really do it in the pouring rain!

Anyway, here's some photos of the very wet garden.
This one was taken out the bedroom window!

these are still waiting to get planted out, some are still too small though, like the aubergines.

sweetcorn looking teeny

broad beans, Chinese greens and spring onions - also looking teeny and some carrots looking...well...invisible!

One of our ( very few) asparagus. It's been rubbish this year, the ones we've had have been lovely but so far I think we've had about 8 stalks!

Lovely early Agrias coming through

Mesculin mix I planted out yesterday

Rocket which looked like the mesculin last week

Some of the beans

A rescued from the paddock globe artichoke, we've got room for about 10 more round the avocado orchard so we'll go and dig them up before the cows get into them!

One very empty looking veggie garden, but in a few weeks there should be a huge difference.

Couldn't resist leaning over the fence and taking this ~ a wet looking highland cow. If you look closely you can see the rain pelting down!


  1. Yes a bit of sunshine would be nice for a change. Need to get busy in the garden but it's not pleasant in the pouring rain or when blowing a gale!
    We ate the first of our artichokes last night and lots more buds coming on the plants. I should dig up some small 'pups' and transplant also. Do you plant them in your orchard or do they grow wild?

  2. when we moved in there was about half an acre of them planted in the middle of a paddock. We used to sell them at the market and the gourmet grocer, but we have more stock now so we're in the process of just transplanting them round the sides of the orchard! It was an experiment to see if they took or not and they did.
    It would be a terrible waste to just let the cows eat them down every time they popped their heads up!
    L is out planting potatoes right now in the pouring rain!

  3. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Gosh I love those Heeland Cattle!
    My wee Scttish aunt(Kenmore) has a copy of old painting of one above her fireplace(well above her gas heater!;))

    (DTE coffeee)

  4. It's all so lovely and the asparagus is making my mouth water - sadly it can't be grown in my zone.

  5. I love the way the garden looks after rain, it all looks so bright and clean and green!


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