Monday, October 12, 2009

Something I love...
Is taking photographs. I've been so busy recently that I've not been out with my camera at all. I rectified that today. I slapped on the macro lens, the sun was shining and I headed out into the garden.
There's a protea out at the moment that has the most amazing huge pink flowers on it and the bottle brush is bursting out at the seams! I love the teeny hairs round the protea ~ they look like eyelashes! ( if you click on the photograph you can see it huge and in all its glory!)

Then I changed lenses, big wide angle, and took the place where the Melia was until a few months ago ( it was rotting and had to be removed) but now the rose flourishes!
And just a shot of a bit of the front part of the garden with Darroch Cottage in the Background - I like this view!

Now I must pack!


  1. Beautiful photos! Your quite good with that camera, keep it up! You have done an amazing job on the house. The before & after photos are wonderful! Any time you get the itch to come stateside and help out here your welcome LOL! Have a safe trip!

  2. Lovely pics there.I dare say you have a knack with that camera of yours...:)
    Enjoy your trip too.

  3. What beautiful photographs! Would you believe I am a trained photog? Probably not from some of the photos I've put up! Ah well, I need to get my photog hat on and get out there again!

  4. thanks everyone!!
    Cat I would have guessed as your pics always look really good! xx

  5. Alan & Penny11:06 pm

    Yet again very many thanks for all the lovely photos-and words-of your daily life. It is so good to see what's happening in your home and garden--and now the surgery. Will we see photos of tooth extraction?!!

    Hope you'll have safe and good journey to the UK--I'll ring you at your parents some time.


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