Friday, November 20, 2009

It's a Sad Day

Last night I was drinking a yakult while lying around tapping away on my wee mac. We are somewhat joined at the hip my mac and I, or would be if a mac had hips. Somehow I dropped the Yakult and it went all over the keyboard. Did you know yakult is one of the stickiest substances known to man? Well it is. My mac is ill. It has no ''o'' and no "'('' what's a mac to do without them?
So tomorrow it will be taken to mac hospital and I will have to learn how to use a pc for a (hopefully) very short time.
Oh yes, it's a very, very sad day.
Haste Ye Back

wee mac was  picked up today by the courier company and is on it's way down to Wellington to hopefully be repaired. Our insurance is paying for it! When I took it into the shop to ask if they could fix it they said that I should speak to my insurance company, so we did and they were amazing. I've begged them to try to fix it! If they can't I get a new one, but I sort of love my old cracked one.


  1. Oh b*gger. Hope it's better soon.

  2. Anonymous5:53 pm

    I can relate. My laptop is dead at the moment and the other 2 computers in the house are not well either.

    Very sad indeed.

  3. what are we like - it's like a member f the family is unwell! nte I'm typing this n it befre it ges tmrrw - this is what it types like!
    argh! P00r baby!

  4. Let's hope Mac is better soon! ;-D
    Like yer banner thingie around your piccie up top! Nice!

  5. thanks Sue, I had t0 adapt it and d0 a bit f ph0t0sh0p but Im pleased with it! xx


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