Monday, November 16, 2009

Outdoor eating is on the menu again
The weather has warmed up lots, and it's been dry for weeks, in fact so dry that we are really needing it to rain! It's been forecast for the last few days but so far we've had nothing. The garden is having to be irrigated and hand watered every day.
But as it's been so nice I put out the oilcloth! Whoo hoo! I got this from an amazing shop, it's not up north so they sent me all sorts of yummy samples.

Femme De Brocante

Then I went a bit mad buying oilcloth- very difficult to get in New Zealand, so I was incredibly happy to get it.


  1. have a look at wallace cotton they have a duvet set very similar if not the same...

  2. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Your porch is beautiful!!

  3. Thank you Melanie! xx
    Oh and it's raining!

  4. Very nice, do you have to hem it or just cut to length?

  5. You really don't have to hem it at all.
    I ordered the length I needed for the table and the width was perfect already so in this instance I didn't even need to cut it or anything!

  6. Looks beautiul, warm & inviting. You know, I don't believe they sell oil cloth in the US any longer. Such a shame as it lasts FOREVER not like the flimsy vinyl they sell here now which rips & you have to contantly replace

  7. heehee I already have! I am a total Wallace Cotton addict!


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