Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Mac is home!
All fixed, with a new case and Keyboard! It looks lovely. So clean and new I'm scared to use it!!


  1. Anonymous6:52 am

    I got my laptop back last week from being fixed. It was only gone a week, but I missed it so much!!

  2. Oooo, the pleasure of new things!

    Shame about your broody. I gave mine some wooden eggs from Wrightsons to leave in the nest to encourage them and it seems to have worked.

    I'd love Elderflower seedlings if you have some spare but I've heard they work from cuttings taken late summer too.

  3. Oh yay, now don't spill anything on it! I remember you said it was yakult (I think), I've done away with yakult and am making kefir which is a fermented milk drink and full of probiotics and other good stuff. Maybe try and make your own, it's good stuff.

    Ok, sorry for the spiel, enjoy your Mac!


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