Sunday, December 06, 2009

 Day on the Bay

No fish as usual
Who cares!

It was another stunning day, so we took Chelsea and Dustin ( our lovely helpx people) out on the boat. We did warn them that we never catch anything - I think we have a fishing curse or something! True to our word we didn't catch a thing, so we're defrosting some scallops for tea!

The pohutakawas are flowering already, I hope there's some left for Christmas day!


  1. What a gorgeous day! But I'm still secretly hoping for rain. I love your new cowbabies, they are awfully cute when they're little. We're living in the Oramahoe area after moving out here from near Opua.

    And I have a broody chook who attacked me today when I chucked her off her nest for about the fifth time! I went from no broody chooks to way too many AND an incubator...!

  2. We're also secretly hoping for rain - but I don't want to wish too hard as it is rather lovely just now!

    My chook didn't go broody after all so Im a wee bit sad about that - I piled about 10 eggs into her nesting box to try and make her!

    Elderflower seedlings - you can have some for sure - do they work from cuttings??


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