Friday, January 29, 2010

This is the bowl I picked this morning. I'm getting a basket just like this every day now, and my late ones aren't even ready yet! These are just the cherry ones, Tommy Toes and J Walsh ( yellow).
I worked hard with the tomatoes this year, fertilising with donkey poo ( how lovely) pruning, talking to, looking at and generally just being nice to, and goodness we're getting the rewards now. These are the most scrumptious tomatoes I've ever had!
Tomato, mozzarella and basil salad tonight, I think.

With a little grilled peppers, some scallops and chilli
a veggie garden is a wonderful thing!

I mentioned way back that I planted cleomes round the tomatoes and the veggie garden as a deterrent to the shield bugs which we usually have in abundance at this time of year. I'll admit now, I was a teeny bit skeptical that they would work, but boy! They have.
The cleomes are covered in shield bugs...everywhere. The tomatoes and other veg ~ not a one! Natures way :)

( these pics are not for the faint of heart, but if you want to see them big just click on them) I think they're cool!)


  1. Yum! Cleome goes on my shopping list next year. Nasty stinky little buggers! Are you squishing the ones on the cleome so that they don't breed up for next year?

  2. I can give you some seeds if you want - they are going to seed now so i should have loads.
    They really really work.
    I'm not squishing the bugs - ew! Suppose I should really!

  3. Could you maybe drop the bugs in a bucket of water and drown them? Yeah, nice I know but less ick factor than squishing them....I'm with you on that. And what do they actually do? Waaahh, I want to be where you girls are!

  4. Good harvest there. Cleome is a hit in the vege garden then - will have to try it next time.


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