Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A different dog came home from the groomers...

Brodie went for his usual clip yesterday and this time Jill asked if she could do his head as well. We like it all curly so normally we say just to trim it, but it's been so hot we thought he'd appreciate less fluff all over his head. Well! when he came home I almost cried, he didn't look like our Brodie any more. 

This is what he usually looks like
(this is a few months ago and he was a right fur ball)

and this is what he looks like now
 I admit that now I've had a day to get used to it I actually think he looks really cute and he's certainly cooler.

and Bob....just cos!


  1. my goodness he really does look like a different dog though i think you are right much cooler :D

  2. Wow, what a change! They say the hircut makes the man!

  3. I think he looks very cute with the hair cut....and bet he is much cooler

  4. wish we could do that... a wee snip of a hair or two and voila... youth unveiled - lov'in it

  5. I've just read your post. I'm having a bit of a giggle to myself as I did exactly the same thing today. Took my Jack Russell to be groomed and came home to blog about it! Must be one of those days.
    I bet he smells a lot 'nicer' too!!!


  6. awww - he still looks so cute though - just a bit different. It's amazing what a little hair cut can do isn't it. Much cooler - I'm sure he's thanking you for it.

  7. Wow! Wouldn't recognise him!

  8. Cute doggie, my daughter has one similar...named Bailey and he needs his hair cut regularly because of the heat.


  9. Oh! I know what you mean! Our littel Maggie is a Schnauzer & we don't get her trimmed throughout the cold winters we have here, so (as you can see on my blog) she gets pretty shaggy - which I think is SO cute - we just keep her brushed out. Then in about March or April we get her groomed & - WOW! - what a change! lol

    You dog is adorable.

    Blessings from Ohio/USA...Kim <><

  10. Anonymous3:52 pm

    He is such a cutie pie!!

  11. Our Bailey always gets a good, short haircut whenever he goes to the dog groomers, especially in Summer: it's regularly 40*C+ at this time of the year and he just gets too hot with all his curls. And it's true that they come back looking like a different dog entirely! I always get the giggles when I see Bailey for the first time after a haircut; he looks so small, and I can see his big brown eyes looking at me asking, "Why?" -adorable! :)
    ~S. xo


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