Sunday, March 07, 2010

Jamming and Saucing

There's a sort of unconscious way we do things here, I grow all the veggies and look after them and Lloyd uses them all for us. Be it cooking them for our dinner or making things out of them for us to use throughout the year.
He made some very hot chilli sauce yesterday, which he'll be eating on his own! And some plum jam which I'll help with. He's waiting, excitedly for the habaneros to become ready. They're later than all the rest and are just beginning to turn now. He tasted one yesterday and his face went very red so I assume they're to his liking!
The larder is stocking up nicely.

I have spent the last 2 days painting the house, well all the doors and skirting boards, we have something happening in a few weeks that the house needs to look nice for ( well I think it does) Lloyd is very much looking forward to it, I'm not really....I'll keep you in suspense!


  1. You do have a good supply for later on and i love your labels.

  2. Great pantry. Like your labels too, do you do those on your Mac?

    Ooooohh, keeping us in suspense eh?!!

  3. thanks :) I do make the labels on my mac, but you could do them on anything - it's just a bit of photoshop then word using the label option - its so simple, honest!
    The pantry is Lloyd's pride and joy ~ and the cats rather like it too, it's where they sleep.

  4. I just showed your blog to my husband for him to see how lovely your place is!! And I read to him your posting for today---he loves hot spicy foods. We had a lil habanero plant for him last year and then our German Shep ran off with his one pepper that produced! :-) I'm with you though--he can eat as much spice as he'd like and I'll stick with the less spicy version! ;-) Hope you're having a good weekend....

  5. Anonymous7:05 am

    Your pantry is looking full. I really like your labels as well.

  6. Jealous, jealous, jealous! I'm coveting your pantry. And your labels. And your plum tree. Bugger, I'm just about coveting your whole life!

  7. If it makes you feel any better, it pongs of garlic in there!

  8. Popped my plum sponge recipe on the blog this morning, if you still have plums that is, and have not made them all into jam.


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