Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Dog beds

 Lulah knew the pink one was hers!

We got the draft of the magazine article last night and it all looks lovely. All, that is, except the dogs' beds!! There's a photo of them lying on their beds ( well Bob and Brodie are - Lulah is lying around under the bed!) and they look cute, but the beds look right manky! Spend 2 weeks painting the house and tidying it so that it look like no one lives here and forget to even wash  the dog beds!! Anyway squat diddly I can do about that now, but it did spur me on to make them some new ones.


  1. These look too nice for dogs!
    Teresa x

  2. Very pretty. Did you make them from scratch or a kit? Like the new blog layout also.
    Tracey x

  3. Anonymous5:34 am

    Happy puppies!!

  4. That's always the way - they'll find the one dust bunny that you didn't!

    Those are some lucky (spoilt!) wee puppies ;)

  5. And the two silver campines are looking very gorgeous and very similar so I think they are both the same sex. And even better, I think they are both girls! I'll post a pic later.

  6. I made them from scratch - I have no idea how many I've made over the years!!

    how exciting - so I may have 2 silver campines! whoooo hoooooo!
    Now I just have to work out what to do with my 3 NHR boys - I just can't bring myself to eat them. Too soft.

  7. they are lovely laura and hey you have to have something to look back and laugh about plus manky beds just make it real, nothing staged about them xxx

  8. Loving your blog, which I've found via Rhonda's Down-to-Earth. And my own blog is actually called Doonan diddly-squat, so I was cheered to see you using this term in yours! Not a common expression, but I'm glad you like it too.


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