Friday, April 23, 2010

Can you spot something new?

We got a heat pump/air conditioner. It is brilliant. It's like having central heating again, and the wonderful thing about having such a small house ( well one of the many wonderful things) is that we only need one! This wee thing heats the bedroom and the living room. We don't need anything in the kitchen/dining as this is where the range is.
I tried it out the other day. It was 18 degrees on our bedroom, I set the temp to 22. Within less than 10 minutes it was there. Roasty toasty. Winter will be revolutionised this year! They are also one of the most cost efficient ways to heat/cool the house. Now I'm not saying we'll be blasting it out all summer and all winter, far from it, but it will be so nice to wake up in a warm bedroom over winter.
I will admit they are not the most beautiful looking things in the world, but as someone said to me today, neither are radiators!
We love it :)


  1. Ooh! Lucky you! No chopping wood or cleaning up ash and dust for you this winter then?

  2. Oh yeh! there still will be. We have a big range in the kithen which we use to cook on over winter, it also has a wetback so heats the water ( which we can then turn off so make a saving there!) also a few wee radiators run off it as well. So we'll still be chopping an cleaning - however I must say I rather like all that and I LOVE the range!

  3. That is so nice!!! And it does air conditioning too??? I need to get one!

  4. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Ooh...radiators...I remember them! Would still rather be here in our rather chilly NZ house than back in the UK with our radiators though. Just LOVE your blog! Marie

  5. Good for you! Actually, it's high enough up that you don't really notice it right off.

  6. A friend of mine recently got one of these, at least it looks the same. We are in the US, and this is very popular in Europe, and was a bit hard for them to find here. I think theirs might be only an air-conditioner though. Enjoy being warm this winter.

    Love your bedroom, it looks very restful.


  7. Central heating is one thing I will def miss. Alot! But I will remember this little device. Hate to be cold.
    At the mo would give up heating to be living our dream though. X


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