Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Melbourne in Pictures
 Pho fill, pho fix

fruit bat colony - one of the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere


Yum cha/Dim sum


Melbourne Icon

Chris, Dan and Lloyd xx

.....And the three of them on our last visit 3 (!) years ago

Now for more food extravaganza!

I love good graffiti

A great weekend was had by all.
Thank you Chris and Dan xxxx


  1. Loving the food, yum yum is making me want to have Chinese and sea food. I hear Melbourn is just stunning.

  2. Meant to say, love the fruit bats, really lovely to see and such beautiful baubles on the tree....

  3. Anonymous4:27 am

    Love the graffiti and the food. I haven't had Dim sum in years. Glad you had such a good time.

  4. Melbourne is really a foodies paradise!
    A great time with friends

  5. Great pix! Isn't good graffiti good?

  6. Wow looks like you had an absolute feast!

  7. you know, we barely stopped eating for three days! Melbourne is the only place in Australia I have ever visited and I love it. I love seeing Chris and Dan too!

  8. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Wowee! You have such a beautiful colonial little farmhouse and I seriously wondered for an instant whether you had managed to encourage bats into your belfry in Ohaewai! I wish we were going to stay out there to help pet & house sit. So is it a business or what?
    House & Pet Sitting Co-ordinator

  9. Hi Bernadette!
    Nope, not a business, just Home.

    ( and hard work!) hope it's not too scary for the lovely person you have lined up for us. xxx

  10. LOVE the then and now pics of the boys
    made me laugh that dan and chris were all clothes swappy and that...very cute all of 'em

  11. oh yes and the bats...THE BATS! amazingxxx


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