Saturday, May 08, 2010

In a Shabby Chic stylee
I suppose it's pretty obvious by now what style of home I have. I like getting old furniture and stripping it back, then painting it, then sanding half of the paint off again! I love all things Cath Kidston and sort of old french.

We were out for lunch today. It was absolutely lovely. It felt a bit like winter and where we were had a lovely log burner on making it all cosy. The owner is French and lunch was a mix of French/Tahitian. It was a beautiful, with lovely friends and a lot of laughing. 

Anyway, back to the point. When I got home I was full to the brim, sleepy and lazy. I had planned to go for a wee wander round the garden to see if there were any flowers I could photograph, then perhaps take a walk over the paddocks to say hello to Candy.  She's settled in beautifully so I thought I could take her picture to let you all see. But after so much food and warmth all I wanted to do was snuggle up and basically not move again!

I decided that some photos of things in the house would have to do, basically anything that meant I didn't have to move much!
 My peg bag, I use it all the time.

the last of the corn flowers and a shell we collected in Tonga last year ( we did declare it on our return to NZ)

More shells from Tonga, this time small clams. They are on a shelf in a cabinet I bought second hand and re-painted, sanded and messed around with.

And my work satchel
Ah the thrill of it all! I think I need to lie down again.


  1. Alan and Penny7:36 am

    Many thanks, as ever, for this and ALL your lovely photos and words--very much appreciated.

    yesterday our copy of the NZ magazine arrived, with the great article and photos of you and your home/garden/animal friends etc!! It will be well-thumbed!

    Nigel-the-pond-man has just arrived to try and find out why the pond's water level has dropped so much in the last week or so. It can't just be our lack of rain. He did repair several small holes/cracks when he cleaned it out for us a couple of weeks ago so I hope he just missed something somewhere!

    I know how you feel, Laura (sleepy-ish!) but I put my weariness down to doing a 12 mile walk on Thursday, and then staying up late 'cos of the blooming election! So there we are!

  2. I really admire shabby chic but I hate sandpaperin, so admire I will.


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