Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's a gorgeous day
The sky is blue, the sun is shining.
We've had a lovely day pottering around town, buying daffodil bulbs, drinking tea with Rich and Ness, having sushi and getting Brodie groomed.

The frangipani at "Driftwood" is still flowering, much to my envy. Mine stopped about a month ago.

I've just been out in the veggie garden now, planting bok choy and, in the new herb garden,  a rosemary bush. I still need to plant out the parsley and coriander but have 100 daffodil bulbs to do and I'm swithering about making a start on them now while Lloyd cooks the chicken.
I also weeded everything and dug over the rest of the new herb garden. Yesterday Lloyd and I cleared out the old herb garden and planted loads and loads of wild flower seeds. I'm hoping it will look lovely!
While we were planting there were some huge thunder claps and the sky went almost black, but the rain seemed to just miss us. Then we heard this morning that in the village ( a mere 1km away) a foot of hail fell and ruined peoples veggie gardens. :( We were so lucky.
Hard to believe we had weather like that yesterday when this is what it looked like today.


  1. We are all at the mercy of the weather :-) Glad you were able to get your gardening done. Lovely photos.
    Teresa x

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and sure you can put my name in your bloglist. When you are on the kapiti Coast you are more then welcome to pop in. Love your blog and will be reading it every now and than. have a great sunny day. Thanks Lien x


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