Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New Arrivals
I got these 2 beautiful silver campines today from the lovely ms lottie who lives just down the road! They're gorgeous. So far I've not named them because I need to get to know them better first! I've put them in their own pen inside the chicken run, with a nice comfy bed area filled with sawdust, so that the others can see them but can't get to hurt them. From what I've read it could take some time for them to integrate and it's best to try to put them together at roosting time for the first time. Time will tell.
They're just young and smaller than mine so I really want to give them the nicest start in their new home. They have blue earlobes!

I don't know if the ducks were more interested in the new arrivals or the new arrivals' food!

We also got a new highland cow today from Alan and Mary. She's called Candy, is very beautiful and is expecting a calf! She was very shy today and didn't want to come out from the trees to get her photo taken just yet.

My early winter veggie bed (is it winter yet??)  is coming along beautifully. I gave in and sprayed the brussell sprouts as they were infested with cabbage white caterpillars. They aren't now. I used some 'nature's way' spray. The guy in the plant shop said "it's pretty good for hippy stuff" which made me laugh to myself.

And the thrill of it all...our new potato bed. Up until a couple of days ago this had all my tomatoes in it. I was totally over tomatoes! We have the lovely Chelsea and Dustin back and they cleared it all and planted our potatoes then added donkey poo tea to feed them. I know it looks like nothing now but soon there will be wee potato plants poking their heads up.


  1. Oh, new potato's, they are yummy. My step dad grows them in his garden and they are sooo good. We don't have a veg patch, but we do grow some herbs, lot less effort. Chickens look lovely, my real dad used to keep them in the garden before I was born but wasn't too popular with the neighbours for it! Our friends however have a chicken run in their back garden and love the fact they get fresh eggs every morning, that would be nice. We did think about a pot belly pick as a pet before Marvin & Carly, but when they said they would eat everything in the garden and trash it we decided against it. Little did we know that Marvin & Carly would destroy the grass anyway, but we have seen a man, yes he has a plan that can get us our lawn back and their pee will not destroy it (apparently?)....oh and on the mag front, will have a look for it, but noticed I could blow up the pictures by clicking on each of them. You both look great, but then you always do...

  2. wow! They are so pretty. I love ducks. Can't wait til we are on a place with a dam, etc so we can have ducks.

  3. Oh, lovely chooks! I'm sure I've seen these guys as wee hatchlings on Lottie's blog, I hope they do well with you.

  4. i'm so jealous. everything looks fabulous!


    ps ~ are you vegetarians?

  5. Joanna! Pigs would have totally trashed your garden! Better with the dogs I think. good luck with the pee!
    Cat, yes those are the ones. I hope so too. They're still in their own we house for now.
    Hi janet! thanks.
    Nope we're not. I used to be for a very long time, now I eat chicken and sometimes a little red meat, but still mostly veggie. My dh isn't a veggie!


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