Monday, May 17, 2010

Out and About in the Garden
The sun is shining again. Everything seems to have taken on a new lease of life since the rain. I cut the grass this morning and it's lush and green again. Checked on Candy who ( in my professional opinion! Yeh right) isn't going to calf this week.
Then I took a walk round the garden and spied the first camillia of the year. I love them. We have a bed of them running the width of the house at the front. This was a perfect one.

The hibiscus are also doing well. I always forget what they're called ( get the name muddled with Amarylis for some reason that is beyond me) Lloyd told me to think if biscuits.

This is one that I planted last year

these remind me of fuzzy pom poms!

I just planted this one last week, it's a much deeper red colour

and this wee chap I caught having a little rest, cleaning his feet on a fuchsia!

I love my macro lens ~ it makes me happy!


  1. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Your pictures are wonderful - as always.

  2. Beautiful hibiscus. Do they need a very sheltered spot?

  3. thanks Mel, :)

    Mine are in a fairly sheltered spot in a north facing area so get a lot of sun. It's just by chance! I planted them where I wanted them to be without thinking about it too much!

  4. Lovely photos, the detail is so clear!
    Teresa x

  5. Love your macro pics. My favorite is the camilla. Lovely. I included some macro pics of wheat on my post today. Love my mac lens!

  6. I love your macro lens too! I love those pics of the camelias.

  7. they look like white chocolate curls don't they!

  8. I love your macro lens also!
    cool photos!


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