Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whangarei Poultry Show
Another of my yearly highlights! 
I'm heading down to Whangarei this lunchtime to have a look at the chicken show. I went last year and it was great!  So I'll be armed with my camera.
Got to get there early in case there are any rare breeds for sale. Can't have too many chickens!
I'd quite like a light sussex
 as I think they're very pretty
and these, because they lay blue eggs!

Anyway, I'll be back later to post pics of the show.

Well I'm home and what I didn't say earlier was that I have a duck in the show ~ Harold, and he won!!! He won best Silver Appleyard in Show and 1st prize for best young drake. What a star. Now I suppose I should let you know how many Silver Appleyard drakes there were in the show. The grand total of....

Go Harold!
(ps the name on the card is the breeders name in case you thought I had nicked someones duck!)


  1. Anonymous11:16 am

    Have fun!!

  2. We lost a girl today.... :(
    The vet took care of her, so now she is being put to rest down in amongst the holly hocks...poor luv.
    At least she is in no pain now.
    Have fun looking at all those lovely chooks today...xx

  3. oh no! :( that's so sad. We lost our rooster a wee while back and when they're pets you get awful attached to them. Big hugs xx

    Mel it was great!

  4. Congratulations Harold, what a handsome Drake you are. Funnily enough I was explaining how you told Ducks and Drakes apart to Dexter as we walked along the Water of Leith yesterday to which he exclaimed "I didn't know you knew so much about birds Mummy"!

    The strutting chicken looks very pretty, and we like the blue eggs too, although for us it is buying them which we do when we see them as of course we don't have chickens. My real dad used to have them but was of course not popular with the neighbours for having them - and whilst we were also tempted, not sure our neighbours would approve either, and having so many cats in a city, not sure the chickens would be either. I am just imagining them getting out of our garden (not hard to do) and wandering about on our front street avoiding cars?! No not good, so from the shops our eggs will have to come!

  5. Oh, my goodness, just looked again at the photos, and I thought the second chicken was wooden standing outside the hut. Just looked again and seen it is real and so it is these that must lay the blue eggs? Goodness, what a very magnificent chicken that is, even more so than the first. Great photo, and honestly, I really thought it was a carved wooden one first time I looked - clearly having just woken up I am still sleepy!!!

  6. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Woot! Congratulations! Gosh, I wish I'd been able to come and look at all the poultry...we are planning some bantams for next Spring. x

    (we used to keep ducks and I am soo very tempted to get some more, I love them! Your drake is a lovely boy!)

  7. Love to see more pics of the chooks if you have them, we didn't make it to the show.
    I have 2 of the grey chooks (Araucana - a Chilean breed) and yes they lay green/blue shelled eggs!

  8. you know, I was so excited about Harold I just put my camera away and forgot to take more photos, but I took a lot last year

    I am a little jealous of your Araucana. There were some for sale yesterday, in fact there were a lot of lovely chickens for sale - way better than last year - but I decided Im going to get fertile eggs next year when Maude goes broody ( as I'm pretty sure she will) I'll get a mix I think.

  9. Go Harold!! I went down too - what fun! Next year I'm going to enter for sure.


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