Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stunning morning
The dogs were out playing while I went to feed the chickens and the ducks. When I came back towards the house they were romping around on the deck with the sun rising behind them. It looked so pretty and they looked so happy!
Brodie and Lula

and Bob, who is actually laughing in this photo!

This morning Lloyd is supposed to be going up in a microlight with a friend of his to take some aerial photographs of our farm. I'm excited to see the photos but nervous of him going up in such teeny tiny thing. Watch this space@!

much later...
he just flew over the house!! I was jumping around on the deck like an idiot!

heehee ~ I cut Bob's fringe yesterday. Looks like he's frowning.

Brodie waiting for 'daddy' to come home


  1. Love these photographs - I love doing this myself as you get great shots and amazing light!

  2. Isn't it a great time of year for early morning photos? Hope L is back safely.

  3. He's at the market now ~ that should be safe...

  4. Anonymous1:28 pm

    What great pictures!! Your dogs are such sweethearts.


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