Friday, July 02, 2010

we have the best patients!
 Yesterday one of our lovely patients arrived with wee slipper socks she'd knitted for us - they're so cute and perfect for the chilly evenings. I love our patients - in the summer a lot of them brought us fresh snapper that they'd caught. How lovely.
We're very lucky.

Oh and we came back home to sprouting mung beans, chick peas and huge peas, but nothing from the adzuki beans yet. It's all very exciting!


  1. Hi Laura, and thanks for your email. That happened to me with someone's blog too but it did sort itself out and hope it does with you posting on mine as it is one of the reasons I started up my blog!

    Thanks for saying you liked the tribute to my Mum blog - my sister thought she would have loved being on it as she would have felt famous and no doubt she was boasting about it to her pals in heaven - hope so....

    My sister also said that Madonna has a big gap between her teeth, Mum would have been very chuffed at being likened to her - although, I would have been disturbed if I had seen her do some of the Madonna dance moves!!!

  2. Anonymous4:36 am

    Those are cutest things. They looks so warm and cozy.

  3. Lovely slipper socks - what a gorgeous colour!


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