Saturday, July 10, 2010


 I love them. We've planted a lot of them in the garden since we moved here. There is a bed that goes right round the front of the house and it's filled with camellias and gardenias. All in white and it looks gorgeous. I love that the camillias flower in the winter and the gardenias in the summer. And the smell...mmmm.

At the side of the path that comes up to our gate we've got red ones, these were planted more recently and for the first year I can see flower buds on them, I'm hoping any day now they may bloom. Beautiful. One of them is special as it was a gift.

Today we are making a sign for the house. Remember the signs that were both broken when they arrived? Well the araldite worked, so even though they have cracks, and I think probably not ok to use unless mounted, we are working on something! We reckon if we mount them onto wood that will strengthen them. One on either side. Then make a post to hang the sign from. We'll put it at the bottom of our driveway. I'll post a pic of the finished article! It's not what I planned at all, but I think it should work and I would hate to see them just sit in a cupboard somewhere.

Anyway, for now white camillias will have to do, but they are beautiful, don't you think?

edited to add...the sign!
It's surprisingly smaller then we thought it would look, you certainly can't read it from much distance away! And even though it's not what we planned we actually like it, and I'm rather proud of ourselves as all the wood was left over offcuts that we had already, the post is actually a branch and the paint was a $5 mis tint that we got them to add a lot of black to to make it as dark as possible. Whole thing cost the $5 we paid for the paint.


  1. Your camellias are beautiful, and I love your sign.


  2. Anonymous4:16 am

    The sign is absolutely fantastic. The flowers are beautiful too!!

  3. The sign looks lovely! Very nicely done--impressed with all the leftover wood as well--always nice to have some on hand.

    Your love of camellias reminds me of my love of gardenias. I absolutely love the smell of the flower and look--and it's always a pleasant surprise if I walk up to a house that has gardenias along the walkway.

  4. Quiet Life10:59 am

    Love your white camellias, your sign, your adorable dogs and the delightful elephant. Log onto your site every day. Read aloud to my husband and he always has to lever himself out of his chair to look at your photos. You're a very talented lady and you give me much pleasure. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  5. Thank you!
    Well I went into town today to go to the market and when I was driving back I thought our sign had gone! Nope! it's just so camouflaged and tiny I couldn't see it even though I knew it was there! haha.

    Quiet Life - you have fair made my day and I thank you, hugely, for your lovely comment. And if I can keep getting your hubby to lever himself out of his chair I'll be a happy person xxx

  6. thinking of naming our cottage 'tout cottage' after the guy/family who built it - where did you get the plaques from laura??


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