Sunday, August 01, 2010

Brunch - Café Cinema

Café Cinema is fast becoming our favourite new place to eat. Kerikeri had a great old cinema which has fairly recently been completely redone. The couple who own it have done an amazing job. They've kept the character but made it new, if that makes sense. L and I love going to the cinema and it's now a pleasure. The Café Cinema next door has also been all done up and we've been a couple of times recently. Today we went for brunch and it was lovely and a bit of a treat - we don't do this very often!
L had eggs benedict, a favourite of his.

While I had french toast

with it we had a flat white and hot chocolate
It's a very comfortable place to hang out and read the papers as well.
I sound like an advert for the place!


  1. Yum that looks lovely my mouth is watering :) I love going for brunch, Andy & I did it yesterday! Perfect thing for a weekend :) xx

  2. Anonymous2:36 pm

    The food looks delicious. I love eggs benedict.

  3. Now I'm REALLY hungry! The eggs look so good!!!!

  4. Yummy.

    And I'm looking at those pictures that make me wanna take a bite out of my laptop screen while trying to convince myself that I have no pregnancy cravings at all.


  5. Is that across the road from the Farmers Market?

    We were there just before midday (managed to buy some Mahoe cheese and some veges before it closed, love farmers' markets :))

    We've had a wonderful time Up north from our up north :)

  6. Those eggs look great! What a marvellous concept the people have come up with.

  7. They look yummy, and the place sounds a good venue. We tend to do brunch a lot at weekends and Sundays definitely, not sure where we will go today - mmmmh, the eggs benedict I think might just be on my menu!


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