Sunday, August 08, 2010

Lovely Morning at the Beach

We have a secret beach that we go to with the dogs. It's lovely and secluded, which is what you want when you have three large dogs. I am determined that our dogs won't disturb anyone when we take them out so it's nice to have a beach that hardly anyone knows about!
It's been raining quite a lot recently so when there was a break in the clouds this morning it was too good to miss.
We had a quick stop at the market for a sausage, then headed to the beach.

The Beach is our dogs favourite place in the whole world. They would swim all day.

I like the shapes in the sand
these are oysters that just grow on the rocks

and us...


  1. These pictures are wonderful! Looks like a great time!

  2. Gorgeous. It was great to see some sun after yesterday.

    The seaweed is called "Neptune's Necklace" and when you squeeze it pops a big burst of seawater - so much fun for young and old ;)

  3. Lucky lucky dogs ..... and you two!

  4. Good shots Laura. We have a local "dog beach" ie., dogs are allowed where all the dogs (and people) play and socialise.


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