Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Present for the Veggie Garden

I planted some asparagus last week. Asparagus needs to go into a bed where it can be permanent - well, not absolutely, but it's better if it can be. If looked after properly it can last for years and years. I wanted to have it actually in the veggie garden because I know I'll look after it there. It does mean, however, that for a large part of the year it will look like nothing is there so I decided to make a wee sign for it. It came out exactly nothing like I had imagined it to look in my head - I had this fantastic idea of something amazing! But I suppose I'm happy enough with it.

The herb garden got one too - lucky herb garden ~ it could hardly contain it's excitement.


  1. What a great idea - you'll be encouraged to look after your asparagus bed until it's established. There's nothing tastier :-)

  2. I love asparagus!!


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