Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tree Roosting!

This makes me laugh so much! Until this morning the tree was about three times this size. After some major  pruning hacking it's a shadow of its former self. It used to fit 12 chickens, easily. Now they are all snuggled really close together! I am gobsmacked! I really though they would go and sleep in their lovely house tonight, but no! They are creatures of habit and want to be in that blooming tree.
There are 4 black ones on the left, 3 brown ones and 2 black/white on the right and another 3 brown ones kicking around!


  1. So they dont go in at night Laura?
    Anything that can come eat them where you are?

  2. Mine choose to sleep outside - silly girls.
    I should add that this tree is in their run so it's all fenced in. They also have a lovely wee house with roosts and everything - but since I got them they've always chosen to roost outside! If it's raining they go into their house all day them come out again to roost in the tree! There's nothing to eat them though.

  3. Funny things chooks - mine like to roost in the trees too but we have to discourage it because we have urban foxes who love takeaway chicken.

    I am about to start selling my eggs too, won't be enough to let me give up work but it will contribute to feed costs I suppose.

  4. Laura's Mum9:12 pm

    Have you ever thought of putting a branch of the tree INSIDE the chicken
    house? It might have been an idea when you cut the tree back!

    Have a super holiday

  5. That's a great photo. My chooks love sitting up trees. There is a mulberry and an elder planted in their run that are just getting big enough to fit all 13 chickens at once. But I do have to lock theem away at night so the gaint carpet python does not swallow them whole!!!

  6. How funny is this! Shows how little I know about chickens. I had no idea they liked being up in trees. LOL!

  7. O.K. enlighten me. What does gobsmacked mean? Love the word and would like to use it myself. Especialy on my husband.LOL

  8. What a great photo! birds will be birds it seems... you'd think they'd be cold?!

  9. I found this post completely amuzing and that PHOTO of the chooks in the tree, what a classic. Your story gave me a good laugh today (all the way from Brisbane, Australia)

  10. Hi Christine, Gobsmacked means very, very surprised!

    Wendy, we're subtropical so it's never really super cold at night, but it can get wet.

    Kathy - good! It made me laugh too!

  11. That is one of the funniest pictures ever!!! I know it should end up on the front of some greeting card or something. Cute!!



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