Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A spot of decorating.

I decided the kitchen/dining area of the house needed sprucing up a bit. Yesterday I painted the window frames and sills in pure white gloss. Till now they had been in an off white flat finish, but I've moved on from my flat phase and have decided that gloss is better on the woodwork. ( you can clean off grubby dog marks more easily.)

This morning we traipsed into town to get some tester pots of the colours we thought might look nice.

Anyway, when we got home I duly stirred the pots, got out my wee brush and painted test areas onto the wall. And what would you know? Most of them look pretty much like what's there already! One is too dark and one I thought I'd like seems to have a hint of salmon! ARGH! Then I got to thinking - the guy made up the testers, what if he didn't make them right? A couple really don't look like the colour charts...what to do ...what to do!?

Bottom one is too dark, I think? Third one from bottom has a pink tinge? Or am I imagining that?


  1. You are right Laura, the third one from the bottom has got a pink tinge in my book.

  2. Yes, top one seems pink, and bottom appears quite dark. I dont mind the middle one, but then it depends of what you're aiming for in that room?

  3. yes it's definitely pink that 3rd one from the bottom.

    I like the very pale green at the top...

  4. Anonymous8:07 pm

    I like the pale green too - could be nice and fresh in a kitchen or dining room - good luck with your painting!

  5. I thought the third one from the bottom was sort of a mauve/pink color and think it goes wonderfully with your artwork on wall. I like it, and I like the second from top. Whichever color you choose, I'm sure it will look lovely.

    Happy painting ~ FlowerLady

  6. Change is good! I think it depends on the house style and your decor...color can warm up and cozy a room or cool and calming colors in the blues and greens are nice too. For a dining and living area I like warmer but my kitchen is separate and I have a French country theme. Have fun and good luck!

  7. Go for the first one. Pretty.

  8. thanks loads for all your thoughts!
    At the moment we are moving towards the second top one - this is a quarter tone of a colour - so we're going to get the half tone and decide between them.....we think!!

  9. What's that joke? Something about only a woman can tell the difference between cream, ecru, off-white.....!

  10. I know! I am a right saddo!
    I'm doing the woodwork at the moment - how I detest painting french doors! We've got three sets.

  11. It definitely has a pink tinge.
    I so need to do this too! My house has been ignored for about three years now. Where to find the time...


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