Thursday, November 18, 2010

A nightie ~ with grateful thanks to the Slightly Mad Quilt Lady.

Ms Lottie posted yesterday about the nightie she made and I loved it. The tutorial at sew mama sew was so easy that even I could follow it ( I can make things, but have never managed to follow a pattern, so can only make things to fit me.)
I have got loads of fabric off cuts and left overs in my wee sewing shed so I had a rummage around and found some spotty fabric for the top and some white linen for the bottom.

I probably made a mistake, really, as I used a sort of  t-shirt style fabric for the top spotty part, it would have been much easier to use something without a stretch, however it was so simple and I like it so much I'll make another for sure.

Apologies for super creased fabric! I was far too lazy to iron it!


  1. It looks great. Nice and cool for summer.

  2. Very pretty and as for the sewing shed... I am green with envy!!!

  3. I should really post a new pic of the sewing shed - show it in a more true light! It is a total shambles, with fabric all over the place, thread and off cuts all over the floor! You get the idea...

  4. Your nightie is cute and I am impressed. I couldn't do half as well with my trusty glue gun. Believe me, if it doesn't glue on it doesn't go on!

    Am anxious to see how your soap making turns out because I've wanted to try that as well.

    On to the French brave one!!! I am a terrible, terrible cook but surprised myself by making creme brulee and it turned out so good, I did it again! I followed a video I had found on the internet and paused it often to slow it down and do each step. Maybe there is a video for macarons? I found a shop in my state that makes and sells those divine cookies, but sheesh! They're $24 a dozen! I could eat up $50 in less than an hour at that price. Hope your next attempt is successful!


  5. Liz, I am making the soap right now!

    Waiting for oil and other stuff to get to right temps for mixing...

    the macaroons are a different matter - I'm putting them of big time!

  6. Laura, I so love your little crafty abode........if I had that, I would have a bed in there and never come out....Well, maybe to feed the children and water my garden...x
    I cant wait to see your soap, I want to make some with my sister...I too scaredy to do it by myself..!!!
    Speaking of children, they are in the car waiting for me to take them to school.......oops

  7. Oh, it's so cute!! Well done you. I'm thinking of making myself another.....

  8. That is very pretty.

  9. Claire8:10 am

    Oh my Gosh!! You made that nightie/dress??!! That's fantastic Laura! I'm majorally impressed - you should start taking orders lol!!


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