Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Round the garden this morning

Everything is DRY. I'm wondering if it's going to be like last years drought again ~ this was when the rain stopped then. Looking at the Met forecast you'd think we had rain showers every day for about the last 5 days but in reality - nope! Not a drop.
We're irrigating our 2 front beds as I was planting a few bits and bobs in them the other day and I got about 40cm down and it was dry and crumbly. 
Och well!
Everything is still looking lovely.

Before and after poppy. This is the first big poppy to open in the wild flower garden.

 More of the wild flowers ~ this has been such a huge success. I'm hoping everything we read is true and all the seeds will just grow again next year.

 The dwarf agapanthas are flowering. Our huge ones aren't yet, but do have buds coming so it won't be long. They're classified as a noxious weed in NZ, but I love them!
 These are some yard long beans I planted straight into the ground about 5 days ago. They're next to the ones I planted into pots in the greenhouse about 2 months ago and these ones look way more healthy and I'm sure will catch up with the others in about a week! I must remember this for next  year as there's no point in planting them inside when they do so well outside in October.

 Can you see it? The teeniest tiniest courgette - these are 'goldrush'

 Eggplants almost ready to go outside, I suppose I could plant them out now as it's lovely, but I'd like them to be just a tiny bit bigger.

These are Lloyds boots, I bung them on every morning when I'm still in my jammies to go and feed everything then have my morning wander around! They're much comfier than mine!


  1. ~*~*Beautiful photos Laura!! :) Rachel~*~*~

  2. I'm worried about another drought too, it's sooo dry round here too. I've started watering with grey water again. Fingers crossed we get a big rainstorm soon.

  3. Beautiful photos Laura.

    We are getting enormous amounts of rain for our part of the world -- I guess the shift in the weather means you are getting our weather. :/

  4. I've just found your blog and love your photos - thank you!!! I'm following!

  5. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Would you believe we're dry here in Oklahoma, too? Here it is autumn, and the month of October we only got about an inch of rain! The leaves are falling, all right....from lack of moisture!


  6. Even though you aren't getting much rain the flowers seem to be doing well. Photos are beautiful.

  7. We put wildflowers in a couple of years ago and they spread like wildfire, it's great! Your garden is looking lovely. Must get myself one of those newspaper pot thingymajiggies.


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