Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A wee jaunt over to Russell

It's scorching today, the hottest day of the year so far, I reckon, so perfect for a wee outing to Russell for lunch at the Duke of Malborough.
We decided to take the car ferry over from Opua which is really sweet. Once when we were going over the ferry had just left when we drove up so they reversed it back to pick us up!

We had a wander around when we arrived as Russell is so pretty, especially on a day like this, and as it's not really summer yet it's not filled with people and all busy, so it was lovely.

The Duke has been bought by new owners and they've started doing it up and are making a really great job of it.
You can't beat a nice shandy on a hot day!

View from the Duke.

A few hours were spent soaking up the atmosphere then we headed back for the ferry and home. Off to the cinema tonight to see Red.
Mum had a wee rest in preparation

Tomorrow I'm going to make some soap for the first time so stay tuned! Oh and remember this ~ The Great Macaroon Disaster ? Well Lloyd and I were watching Australian Masterchef, as usual, last night and they made macaroons. Somehow Lloyd has persuaded me to try again, he said we could do it together, so sometime in the not too distant future I'm going to get my pinny on and give them another try. Oh yes!


  1. Pictures of Russell look fab, are they with your iPhone?

    Oooh we watched Masterchef too last night & I must admit the Raspberry & Beetroot ones looked yum! xx

  2. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Wasn't lovely today! Nice breeze to tame the heat of the sun...mmmm perfect for a drink at the Duke :)

  3. ~*~wonderful photos Laura!!! Hugs, Rachel :) ~*~*

  4. it was lovely! todays Pics are all with my iphone, much smaller to carry around than my huge camera.
    the macaroons did look great, not sure I liked the idea of olive ones!!

  5. Lovely photos, glad you had fun.

    It's always so interesting to see what's happening on the other side of the world. Your beautiful, sunny weather contrasts so much w/our late autumn grey & cold winds of today.

    Blessings from Ohio/USA...Kim<><

  6. That IPhone of yours takes great photos, I want one! How big are they and am I likely to lose it?

  7. Sue it's about 3.5"x 2" or there abouts, slighty heavier than a mobile phone and if you do get one you most definitely will not want to lose it as they are mega expensive! But yes, it takes ace pics, and pretty much anything else you care to ask it!

  8. What a lovely blog you have. The hot weather is getting me jealous. I'm a New England and it is cold and damp today. Please stop by for a visit to my blog and perhaps follow if you would like. Looking forward to many more visits.

  9. I've just made the macaroons from the nz gardener homegrown mag (fruit trees one), and they turned out perfect! Not hard at all, just whizz the mixture lots so it retains air :)


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