Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas decoration overkill!

I'm loving them this year!
I think it's maybe because we've had a couple of days of rain since I put up the tree so it's been a bit darker outside and I've been inside more so I've enjoyed them, or maybe it's because the sky is grey rather than bright blue ( I think it should be grey for christmas!) so I feel more christmassy or something! Who knows.

But I'm enjoying them.

These wee angels are new this year, and I think they are cool!

I'll try my hardest not to post more photos of decorations, I promise!
I wrapped up presents today. The soap I made, well I got some tissue paper and clear cellophane bags and lilac ribbon so they're under the tree. I'm just giving them as stocking fillers. There's a couple of other wee things I'm going to make but I'm not going to say what they are cos certain people read this and I forgot about that when I posted about making the soap! doh!

Right I'm off to make dinner - Thursdays and Fridays are my nights - and tonight we are having Marks and Spencer's ( yeha for the UK shop in Orewa!) curry sauces with added extras. I am no cook!


  1. I love precious Christmas decorations (actually, I love the idea of them, too impractical with the little ones at the mo). And thank you for the offer of tents - sis-in-law has bought herself one this year so we are all good to go (can't wait!).

  2. But I'm enjoying your Christmas decoration pictures please don't stop! I love Christmas.

  3. I love pictures of xmas decorations! I have been trying to take mine for days, but the light is so bad in my lounge you can look at mine soon...!

  4. I love your xmas decoration posts too. I think that I am living vicariously through yours - like Lottie said, so very unpractical in our house.

  5. Love the sparkling of it all. You really do a lovely job. I never get tired of looking at Christmas decorations.

  6. I love pictures of Christmas decorations too. Your wee angels and those other decorations are really precious.

    Have a lovely Christmas ~ FlowerLady

  7. I love the angels.

  8. I absolutely love your decorations Laura and the angels are cool. Please post more decorations :) I’m sending snow your way from West Virginia, USA


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