Thursday, January 06, 2011


The eggs are beginning to hatch! This one is the biggest. It's about 5mm long at the moment. That chomped piece of leaf must be his dinner! I've counted only 2 more so far, well that was all I could see, but I have 2 swan plants and they are pretty big so there could be loads more than that. The butterflies are back so there must be lots of eggs, so I'm hopeful at least some will make it to chrysalis stage.
It's not in very good focus - it was really windy and the leaf was blowing all over the place!
I think this one is called Fred.

Our datura/brugmansia is in full flower - it looks cool, but it's the smell I love. It's just amazing, especially at night. I'm not sure it's ever had as many flowers on it as it does now. 


  1. That is such a sweet post, nice to find things like that that make you happy.

  2. Oh Fred is very cool, I do like his striped suit. I didn't know that datura was perfumed, next time I see one I will go stick my nose in it :)

  3. Fred sure eats a big dinner for his size!

  4. Brugs are so beautiful! I had one just like that and a white until last autumn. I gave them away then. Just too much trouble to overwinter. They are beautiful!

  5. Laura your pictures are amazing as usual. Love them!

  6. Fred is very colorful. Crisp clear photos.


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