Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nuno felting

I went on another felting morning down at Naturally Alpacas last week. This time I learned a different technique - Nuno Felting. Now I know how felters get that nice straight edge!
Once again it was great fun and Christine was super generous with the fibres and silks.

Even though there is an additional stage to this type of felting - you need to get the wool fibres to go through the silk base fabric first so you need to roll these together with cold water ~ I actually found it easier. I liked having the base silk to work on.
This is the one I made at the felting morning - you can't see very clearly but there are white silk fibres carded into the fleece and they shine like silver. It's very pretty. 

Yesterday I made another scarf with the wool I bought. (they have an amazing selection of felting things to buy at Naturally Alpacas.) I bought some red this time - I'm not a red person at all but thought it would be lovely for the winter and I love it!
This time it was easier doing it myself than the last time!

The greeny bluey silk is something called silk cap which comes looking like a handkerchief and you can stretch it right out. The piece of silk I used for the base had a selvage edge ~ I chose this on purpose ~ you can leave the edge out of the felting area and it sort of goes frilly!

I found this website and I think the scarf is so pretty - I like the idea of the tassles - so I think I'd quite like to try this...maybe!


  1. Ooo I love felting! A friend brought over a beautiful felted flower necklace the other day, and we are going to have a felting night and try to replicate it.

    I cannot wait, I am dying to have a go. I hope that mine turns out as beautifully as yours :)

  2. Well done Laura,
    they look will have one for every day of the week soon...x

  3. You are doing really well with the felting, really pretty scarves.

  4. Laura your scarves are fabulous well done, your a natural. Come join us at the felting forum, if you are interested in learning heaps more its fun with felters from all over the world, one of the nicest lists I'm on.
    glad to hear the sun is shining and no damage after Wilma.. Phew.!!!

  5. How did you get your edges so straight? I am jealous. I am using plastic wrap, but still can't get my edges as straight as yours. Please do share your secret.

  6. I've enjoyed seeing your alpaca creations - it looks like lots of fun! Thanks for sharing your pictures. :)


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