Friday, January 14, 2011

Swan plants and veggies

Some people were wondering what exactly a swan plant looks like - well here it is!
This is one of mine and there is another one the same size next to it. They're now covered in small caterpillars. And on that note I was given a great piece of advice from Tess on the lifestyleblock forum. She said that if I remove the flowers they won't form seed pods so all the more energy will go in to making more leaves for the Very Hungry Caterpillars to feast on, so as soon as she told me I zoomed out with my clippers and snipped off all the flowers and most of the pods. I kept a few pods, not least as there were caterpillars all over the huge ones, but also I'm wondering if seeds form inside them?? And if so I assume I could plant them and get more swan plants for next year? Does anyone know - or has done this themselves?

Since I was out anyway, I took some pics of the veggie garden.

It's at that funny stage ~ there is some bare soil  where I lifted the garlic from, I just dug it all over, fed it and planted some broad beans today.
Then there are some veggies ready ~ like the courgettes which have gone like triffids, and the sweetcorn.
The things that are almost ready ~ the tomatoes.
And then there's the stuff that's growing beautifully but is nowhere near ready yet, like the aubergines and most of the chillis.

Oh and the slightly overgrown herb garden, which is actually how I like it.



  1. I collected seeds from inside the pods on my swan plant last year. They'll dry up and then pop open and start to spill fluff everywhere. The black seeds are attached to the fluff. Haven't tried planting any to see if they grow. I had a plan to but....

  2. That's why it's called a swan plant, those big pods eventually pop and are full of seeds with big fluffy wings attached which make the pod look like a swan with white fluffy wings, they fly on the wind. Really beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the photo. I've never seen one before. I might have to see if I can buy one for my garden.

  4. Nice, I love looking at peoples gardens and vegies...x

  5. Oh wow, this a a plant that I remember from my childhood. We had horses and they were everywhere in the paddock, and yes, full of monarch butterfly caterpillars.

    I had not idea what they were called... thank you, lovely memories of finding caterpillars I have :)

  6. Planting swan plants is a great idea. I will have a go at that next year. I also want to plant a couple of budleas. Butterflies love those too.

  7. Your gardens are so lush. Just think of all the delicious produce that are right at your finger tips.

  8. Oh how neat that is--those pods are amazing. How many wonderful butterflies you’re going to have there. I just love it. Your garden is looking healthy and great too :) Hope you are enjoying that beautiful summer!

  9. It looks so lush and green still - how lovely. Those Swan Plants are amazing they look like magic lanterns!


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