Monday, January 10, 2011

The sweetest sweetcorn ever?

The last few years I've grown pretty rubbish sweetcorn, so this year I decided to give it one more go and if it was still rubbish it would be my last attempt! I'm all for the 'grow what grows best in your veggie garden' philosophy! (Cucumber take note - your coat's on a shaky nail)
I got some lovely heritage seeds and nurtured them and I have to say it has been totally worth it. We have the best, tastiest crop we've ever had, I only wish I'd planted lots more now! Next year I'll know better.
This is tonights dinner. It's to cheer us up because we're just back from taking Alan and Penny down to Auckland so they can fly home. It never ceases to amaze me how fast the time goes when we have mums and dads over to stay. I always wish they could stay longer. So sweetcorn it is.


  1. I love sweetcorn too Laura, and when it's fresh and picked at the perfect time like that, it's simply divine.

    Sorry to hear that Lloyd's folks have left already. We took our son Ben to the Paihia bus station yesterday, so I know the feeling. He was here for 3 weeks, but the days simply flew past.

    Great to see you at Kaikohe on Saturday!


  2. You beat me to it, I just picked my first corn tonight Laura..I havnt 'unwrapped ' it yet, so I hope it is as nice as yours....
    Im glad you have had a nice time, although fast , with your

  3. That corn looks just beautiful. Mine is almost ready..... can't wait!

  4. There is nothing like the taste of fresh corn on the cob. I will have to wait until late summer to get the really tasty corn.

  5. One of our favorite meals in the summer--fresh corn on the cob. This looks great and I know you enjoyed every bite :)

  6. PS--it is always hard when family leaves. Our house is so quiet afterwards and we get lonely for a bit.

  7. I love fresh corn. Yours looks delicious.


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