Saturday, February 26, 2011

Waimamaku Wild West Festival

We went to it today!
And it was such fun. We headed back over to Omapere to meet up with DandP again and then on to the Wild West Festival.
When you reach the village you're stopped by the sheriff who won't let you in until you give a donation to charity. If you don't you're shot. Or not.
There's gunfights, horseriding cowboys, cheese rolling (!), various stalls, and lots of food!

A lot of people are dressed up and really get into the spirit of it all.
There's even a gum boot throwing contest!
This chap was the judge.

A real life Saloon!

A mechanical bull

And right up Lloyd's street ~ CHILLIES!
It's just a morning/afternoon affair and by half past 2 it's all finished so we headed back to Omapere and the Copthorne, to sit and gaze at the view and drink wine ( or juice).
It's a fantastic day out and one I'm sure we'll do again next year.


  1. YA HOO!!!! Everyone looks TERRIFIC!! Must have been a very fun event - last time I had a chilli eating competition, my opponent wore a bright orange fake tan in penalty and it took a looooooong time to fade :D Thanks for posting this for us to see!

  2. Love the pic of the wild west saloon - complete with road cone!! Looks like a lot of fun.

  3. 'authentic' road cone! Classic!

  4. Oh I am so jealous, that looks like it was so much fun. Great pics. B

  5. Very nice to meet doodle Sophie is a sweetheart and as a matter of fact is staring at me as I type this to you. I'll be looking for your Lulah to show her. I hope you didn't have any earthquake problems. I have a friend in CC and her family is OK. Looking forward to your adventures! Ron

  6. What a hoot! Love your pics - and go the chilli.

  7. I've never heard of this festival! They need to advertise more....I think we'd definitely be up for it next year :)

  8. Great pictures. Looks like a lot of fun!!

  9. Great photos and looks like great fun. So did Lloyd join in the chili eating contest???

  10. Do you know he didn't! Not because he didn't want to, but more because he would have been the only one to enter! Rumour has it that last year the chillis were so hot people were physically sick! So nobody wanted to enter this year!

  11. Laney Herkt2:44 pm

    What a fun looking event - pictures are fantastic - will be sure to cover this in our magazine!!


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