Friday, March 11, 2011

Fred - the next installment.

I have three chrysalis - whoo hoo! Very happy about it. They all look brilliant and healthy. So here's hoping they make it this time. I've also been rescuing the odd caterpillar from the outside swan plants - I just do one at a time so that these small plants don't run out of food and this has been working well.
Good luck Freds!
this was the one that formed first


Third - he decided the roof of the greenhouse was a suitable place.

and this is the rescued caterpillar.
I'm rather excited!

Have a peek over at Verde Farm!


  1. So pretty! They look like Green Apple Jolly Ranchers- boiled sweet lollies from my American childhood. Wouldn't want to eat them thought.

  2. Woo hoo indeed!
    How long before they emerge?

  3. This is too cool Laura!! How awesome-you are so good to your Fred’s. Thank you for linking up to FFF!

  4. We're all hanging out for the first Fred emergence!

  5. Absolutely beautiful photos. Just like spring emerging. B

  6. YES! Monarchs are attracted to citrus plants...I watch them emerge when vacationing in Aruba! AWESOME!...:)JP

  7. Beautiful pictures! I hope they hatch for you.

  8. The first one should emerge in less than a week - I'm looking for it to start going clear - supposedly that means it's going to happen soon!
    I rescued three more caterpillars from the outside plants.
    fingers and toes crossed!

  9. Fred , Oh my Gosh I adopted a Monarch at a garden show last year . I bought one for 3 dollars with their food and waited for it to turn into the Chrysalis. My caterpillar attached himself to the saran wrap when he was suppose to attach himself to the sides of the shoebox. he finally became a Chrysalis and then he emerged after I forget how many days a Monarch.I let him go and he was so happy to leave he took off flying quickly. He show'd up a couple of days later in my yard and then took off like a bat out of Heck. I
    decided to see if I can attract monarchs and bought the bush that they use as the host plant. Good Luck!!!I was so worried that he would die I can't believe how I worried about this little caterpillar. My girlfriends were cracking up at the daily updates.


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