Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Dog beds

Our three dogs are fairly hard on their beds. Up until today I just made covers and fitted 2 incredibly cheap pillows into them. But sometimes the dogs like playing with their beds and sort of trashing them. They always look like they're having such fun I just let them get on with it, then put the beds back together. Anyway the pillows are OLD now... really, really old and falling apart and pretty much completely flat. Not very comfy!
So we decided to get a large piece of foam and cut it into three - we got a cheap single bed foam mattress as this was actually much cheaper than buying bits of foam in the right shape and size.
I decided to go for fleece fabric, because after yonks of experience I've found this lasts longer and washes and dries quickest.
This morning I cut up the mattress then cut and sewed the fleece into covers. They look great! Brodie snuggled up onto his new bed the second I put it down, I'd say that's his way of saying "thank you, mum, I love it!"
The good thing about these is they're much bigger and heavier than the old ones so I'm kind of hoping that the dogs don't play with them and throw them all over the place - they should last so much longer too.

Wee edit to add in the other 2 who I snapped this morning!
The one we brought over from Scotland is Bob, the whitest one, the shaggiest one, the hairiest one!


  1. Is this the dog that fly from UK to NZ? very cute..

  2. Shows how long I have been hanging out at your blog...I remember the last time you sewed covers for the doggies.....!

  3. He's so cute and looks all snuggly. The cushion is pretty cute too!

  4. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Your dogs are very lucky to have those lovely new beds.

  5. I spent $20. on a bed for my new pup and he's chewing it to pieces. I won't do that again. Your idea is much more economical.

  6. Far, far craftier than I...

  7. Great idea! Our 4 dogs are always chewing theirs up! LOL They look pretty happy on their new beds.


  8. They look so cute hanging out on their shiny new beds. Very color coordinated and snuggly.

  9. So cute and definitely a great idea. We have a sheepskin that the dogs took over as one of their dog beds and then we picked up a $9 dog bed that they actually favor, as we weren't sure what they might think of it at first. Ironically our one cat uses the dog beds too! I know the $9 bed isn't going to last thru more than a few more washes, so will definitely have to remember your idea!

  10. Anonymous3:32 am

    That is a great idea. My dog chews up all the dog beds I bring home. And just like you I let her go, she is going to do it anyway. But I never thought of making my own.
    Thanks for the great tip!


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